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Solar Power vs. Your Utility Company

Solar power costs less than grid power in most states across the country? That translates into big savings on your utility bill. Here’s why it’s happening:

1. Utility rates increase 6.78 percent per year. Over time, fossil fuels will continue to be limited, further driving the costs up.

2. The cost of solar panels has falling, down more than 50% since 2007 alone.

3. Installation costs are falling as well, as more solar providers enter the market to meet growing demand.

Solar panel costs are dropping, while electric rates aren’t. 

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Solar Done The Right Way



There's 3 reasons why you should go solar! You lock in on a low rate, pay less for clean energy and you help save the environment! What are you waiting for?


Free Solar done right

We offer a variety of Solar options for you at NO COST. 

Free installation! Maintenance, repair, monitoring, warranty included. Your production is guranteed! Save up to 50% on your electric from day one by switching to clean energy!

Save up to 50% on your electric bill

Going solar with Solar America USA means immediate savings! It's as simple as that. You pay nothing up front and start saving on day 1!

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With our no cost installation, we ensure that your state of the art solar system clips into place with ease allowing you the immediate convenience of sun powered energy.

#1 in Residential solar


We take pride in our partnerships with  the nations #1 providers in residential and commercial solar. 

- 951 Megawatts installed

- 1.7 Million tons of CO2 eliminated 

Recon program $$$


Ask about our Solar Recon program and how you can earn money just by referring friends and family to go solar as well.

Renewable Portfolio Standard Mandate


The Renewable Standard Portfolio Mandate obligates utility companys in certain states to produce a percentage of their energy from clean and/or renewable sources by a specific year. 

MD- 25% by 2020

CA- 100% by 2045

DC- 50% by 2035

Just to name a few!




· Do I have to pay for installation?

* No. 


· What will the system cost me upfront?

 * Nothing. You will receive up to 50% savings on your electric bill. This includes the energy produced, warranty, maintenance, repairs, and monitoring of your system.

•What if I move?

*The system transfers over to the new homeowner.

  · What about my roof?

* We place up to a $2 million policy on your roof to insure that you are covered!